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Drug Rehab Hawaii

Hawaiians face many of the same drug problems that most other Americans face, with crystal meth and meth, marijuana and cocaine being the most popular illicit drugs of abuse in the state, as are prescription drugs with pain killers being the main medication which is abused non-medically among residents. The need for substance abuse treatment solutions in Hawaii has never been greater, as is the need for awareness and early intervention for individuals who may be able to avoid addiction and its consequences. But when addiction is the outcome for someone who becomes involved in substance abuse in Hawaii and the control that drugs and/or alcohol take on a person's life becomes too great, drug rehab is really their only hope. And if they can't reach out for help on their own, loved ones may need to intervene to find a quality drug rehab program for them which could ultimately save their life.

Loved ones who have to watch someone deteriorate from a life addiction can become disheartened that there is ever any hope for it to end. But there is hope, even when someone doesn't want help because they are either in complete denial or are apathetic themselves. Casual confrontations, which might be fueled by emotions such as anger, are usually unproductive and may even worsen the problem. But a drug intervention is much more productive, because it is well organized and conducted in a way that isn't a full frontal assault on the addict, but a meeting which shows them how much they are loved and what they stand to lose if they don't get the help that is being offered to them. Most of all, a quality drug rehab program in Hawaii is waiting for them, and when conducted properly all arrangements have already been made in anticipation for their arrival and all they have to do is accept this help and start right away. So before you lose hope, speak with a professional treatment counselor in Hawaii who can help you hold an intervention before it's too late.

Choosing an effective drug rehab program in Hawaii can be challenging, especially when there are programs which seem more attractive than others because they offer quick results. If a drug rehab program doesn't have the success rates to back up such claims, it can not only be a waste of time taking part in such a program but an individual may not be as willing to enter treatment again in the future because of such a failure. So when someone is entering a treatment program in Hawaii, it should be a comprehensive program that provides actual results that will be lasting, not just a promise of quick fix or a solution that isn't actually treatment. A program that only offers maintenance drugs for opiate addicted individuals for example isn't an actual solution to addiction and dependence, and these drugs will have to be a part of an individual's life indefinitely which isn't ideal for someone who wants to live a completely drug free life.

The most successful outcomes can be seen in treatment clients in Hawaii who have the change of environment that is crucial for individuals who need time and space to reflect on how they got involved in substance abuse, what they need to do to fix it, and what changes they need to make in their lives to prevent it in the future. This isn't always easy, even when an individual is fully committed to the process. It becomes even more difficult if they are faced with daily distractions or have access to drugs and alcohol during moments of weakness, which is why the best treatment program for individuals in Hawaii is one which provides an inpatient or residential stay. Long-term inpatient and residential drug rehab programs in Hawaii have the highest success rates in the state, because they do provide a safe space for individuals to recover without daily distractions and without access to the people and things that could jeopardize their recovery process. So when choosing a drug rehab program in Hawaii for yourself or someone you care about, realize that no matter how convenient a program seems it is well worth the extra time and sacrifice of being away from one's loved ones when you keep the ultimate goal in mind.

There are Hawaii drug rehab programs that offer traditional treatment that consists of individual and group counseling, and the 12-steps for example. Then, there are programs which offer an alternative approach, and offer a more comprehensive and personalized treatment curriculum to help an individual address every area of their lives which could be causing them to turn to drugs and alcohol. Instead of an individual being in recovery indefinitely even after leaving treatment in Hawaii, as is the case with 12-step, alternative programs offer a more permanent solution because they fully resolve the causes of the person's substance abuse so these things no longer plague them. These alternative programs offer a more proactive approach, are completely drug free, and help an individual resolve addiction once and for all so they can move forward with a happy and productive life. So anyone looking for a workable drug rehab program in Hawaii should never confine their options to the traditional methods which may not have worked for them in the past, because there are plenty of effective options available.

If paying for drug rehab in Hawaii is a concern, it is always best to check with the drug rehab program in Hawaii you are considering, and consult with a treatment professional there to see what types of payment options are possible. In many cases, an individual's private health insurance may cover the costs of treatment either partially or in full. If not, an individual may qualify for payment assistance through the drug rehab program they are working with. There are many different solutions, and a treatment professional can help guide individuals in the right direction so that treatment can start as soon as possible for you or someone you care about.


Hawaii Drug Statistics

1. Crystal Meth, Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana, and predatory drugs are the greatest threats in Hawaii.

2. Hawaii's 3rd greatest drug threat is Cocaine.

3. In the 2007-2008, Hawaii was among the top 10 states for rates of current use of any illegal drug among those age 12 and older.

4. In Hawaii, there were over 4,400 treatment admissions in 2006, an increase of more than 20 percent admissions in 2000.

5. Crystal Meth, also known as ICE, is the primary drug threat in Hawaii and has the highest per capita ICE use in the nation.

6. The number of deaths in Hawaii in 2007, for drug abuse, was higher being at 142 people than the number of people who died from car accidents 136.

Drug Facts
  • Five to seven cocktails over the course of four to six hours will generally cause a hangover for a light-to-moderate drinker, but may take more for heavier drinkers because of increased tolerance.
  • There are bills pending in the state of Michigan which would make the possession of bath salts and some of their stimulant components a felony in the state.
  • Between 2005 and2009 among males between the ages of 21 and 34, the number of emergency room visits involving opiates showed a significant increase of 60.2 percent (from 7,185 to 11,509 visits).
  • Individuals who are prescribed Ativan may often take the drug responsibly, but the nonmedical use or abuse of Ativan remains a serious public health concern.